Realme Cover C2 Specs (realme cover c2)

Realme Cover C2 Specs

Are you looking for a brand-new phone case? Check out the Realme Cover C2! This case is made with premium products and uses fantastic protection for your phone. The Realme Cover C2 also has an elegant design that will make your phone appearance even better.


What are the measurements of the realme cover c2

When it concerns phone cases, size matters. And with the Realme Cover C2, you get a case that’s not only stylish however likewise protective. What are the dimensions of this phone case?The Realme Cover C2 is 10.16 cm long and 7.2 cm large. It’s made of premium TPU material and can be found in a range of colors, consisting of black, blue, and red. Plus, it has a anti-slip surface so you can keep a grip on your phone.This phone case is developed to protect your Realme gadget from scratches and bumps. And with its exact cutouts, you’ll still have access to all your phone’s buttons and ports. If you’re looking for a case that’s both practical and trendy, the Realme Cover C2 is an excellent option.

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How much does the realme cover c2 weigh

The realme cover c2 weighs simply 36 grams, making it among the lightest phone covers on the marketplace. Regardless of its lightweight design, the cover c2 uses outstanding protection against drops and scratches. The hard polycarbonate backplate safeguards your phone from impact, while the soft TPU bumper soaks up shocks and dissipates impact require away from your gadget. The raised bezel around the electronic camera lens safeguards the lens from scratches and smudges, while the strengthened corners help to deflect shock away from the most vulnerable locations of your phone. If you’re looking for a phone cover that offers great defense without adding unnecessary bulk, the realme cover c2 is the ideal choice.


What is the capability of the realme cover c2

The realme cover c2 is a phone case that has been developed to safeguard your phone from bumps, scratches, and other daily wear and tear. The case is made from a hard polycarbonate material, and includes a raised bezel around the screen to help keep it safe from scratches and scuffs. The case also has a built-in kickstand, so you can prop your phone up to see videos or take hands-free images. The realme cover c2 is available in black, blue, or red, and has a retail price of $19.99.


What is the product of the realme cover c2

The realme cover c2 is made of PU leather.


How many colors does the realme cover c2 been available in

The Realme C2 comes in 3 colors: Diamond Black, Diamond Blue, and Diamond Red.

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Does the realme cover c2 have a service warranty

Realme is a popular smartphone brand name that offers a large range of phone models with various functions. The Realme cover c2 is one of the most popular designs and it features a guarantee. This indicates that if you have any issues with your phone, you can call the business and they will assist you repair it.


How do I clean the realme cover c2

If your Realme cover c2 phone case is looking a little dull, don’t worry – it can be quickly cleaned up! All you require is a gentle soap and some water. Simply wet your cloth with the soap and water mixture, and after that lightly scrub the case. Make sure to prevent getting the case too wet, as this could damage it. Rinse the case off with clean water and dry it with a soft towel when you’re finished scrubbing. That’s it – your case will look excellent as new in no time!


Where can I purchase the realme cover c2

One can buy the Realme Cover C2 from numerous phone accessory stores and even online sites. The most common locations to find them would be Amazon or eBay. If one is searching for a more particular type of store, then they can try searching for phone case shops in their location. Another alternative is to ask friends and family where they acquired their own Realme covers.


How much does the realme cover c2 cost

How much does the realme cover c2 expense?Very little! The realme cover c2 only costs $9.99 USD. That’s a quite great deal for a phone case, do not you believe?

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Is the realme cover c2 water resistant

The realm cover c2 is a water resistant phone case that can secure your phone from water damage. It is made from durable products and has a tight seal that avoids water from leaking in. This case is perfect for individuals who are frequently around water or who reside in damp climates.