Kannada Translation Of ‘Realm’ (realm meaning in kannada)

Kannada Translation Of ‘Realm’

Kannada is a lovely language spoken by millions of individuals in India. It is not as commonly spoken as Hindi or English, it is a crucial language in its own. Kannada speakers can be discovered all over the world, and there are numerous resources available to assist them practice the language and find out.


What is the meaning of ‘realm’ in Kannada

Kannada is a stunning language spoken in the southern part of India. The word ‘realm’ has a special significance in Kannada. It refers to the spiritual or natural world. This word is frequently used to explain the kingdom of God.


What is the etymological origin of the word ‘world’

A world is an area of land that is ruled by a king or queen. The word “realm” comes from the Old French word “realme” which indicates “kingdom.” The word “realm” can likewise be utilized to describe the people who live in a location ruled by a king or queen.

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How is the word ‘realm’ utilized in Kannada

The word ‘world’ is used in Kannada to signify a particular field or area of activity. It can also refer to a kingdom or an empire. In addition, the word ‘realm’ can be used to describe a sphere of impact or a domain.


What are some other words that have similar significances to ‘realm’ in Kannada

Other words that have similar significances to ‘world’ in Kannada are ಜ ಞ ನ (jñāna), ಮಕ ಖ (makkhi), and ಅರ ಜ (arji).


What is an example sentence of how to use ‘realm’ in Kannada

In Kannada, the word ‘world’ can be used to explain a particular location or sphere of activity or interest. You might state that someone is ‘in their own world’ when they are focused on their own thoughts or interests and are not paying attention to what is happening around them.


What are some synonyms for ‘realm’ in Kannada

Kannada is a stunning language with an abundant vocabulary. There are many different words for “world” in Kannada, each with its own unique meaning. Here are simply a few of the most commonly utilized synonyms for “realm” in Kannada:1. ಸ ವರ ಪ (svārūpa) – This word refers to the necessary nature or character of something. It is often used to describe the true nature of someone or something that is not instantly apparent.2. ಜ ಞ ನ (jñāna) – This word signifies understanding or wisdom. It is often used to explain the world of understanding that someone has actually achieved through study or experience.3. ಅವ ವ ಕ (avivēka) – This word refers to the state of being without discrimination. It is frequently used to describe somebody who has the ability to see things as they genuinely are, without judgment or preconceptions.4. ಆತ ಮ (ātma) – This word describes the soul or inner self. It is frequently used to describe the realm of our awareness that exists beyond the real world.5. ಭ ತ (bhūta) – This word describes the world of matter or product existence. It is frequently used to describe the physical realm in contrast to the spiritual world.

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What is antonym for ‘realm’ in Kannada

The antonym for ‘realm’ in Kannada is ‘ಅಸ ತ ವ ಶ’.


What is the plural form of ‘realm’ in Kannada

The plural kind of ‘world’ in Kannada is ರ ಲಮ (rīlam).


What is the feminine type of ‘world’ in Kannada

There is no direct translation for the word “world” in Kannada, nevertheless the womanly type of the word would be “ಅರ ವ ರ ವ” (ariviruva). This word is stemmed from the Sanskrit word “अर्य” (arya), which implies “worthy” or “respectable”.


How do you say ‘world’ in Kannada

The word “realm” can be translated to “Kannada” as “kshetra”.